If you’re not accustomed to using iTunes gift cards before you might have a lot of queries on how to use it and what to buy with it. In this journal, we will be sharing some of the most common uses of iTunes gift cards.



What is an iTunes Gift Card?


An iTunes gift card (normally known as an App Store & iTunes card) is a pre-purchased credit which you can use for buying many of Apple’s digital services. You will be eligible to buy most of the items available on iTunes Store – Apple’s media and software marketplace. From here you can buy music, movies, apps, games and more. One of the biggest advantages of using gift cards is that you can use it to subscribe to Apple Music and other Apple services like Apple TV Plus. 

You can get the gift cards in physical forms, as well as digital codes delivered to you directly through email. The best thing about using a gift card is that they do not expire, and once it’s topped up on your account, it won’t expire either. 

What can you buy using iTunes Gift Card

App Store (iOS)

Purchase Games and Apps from App Store from your iOS Device (iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch)


App Store (macOS)

Buy Apps for your macOS from the App Store using any Macbook Device.

iTunes (macOS/Windows)

Apple Arcade

Apple Music

iCloud Storage


About iTunes Account Region


Buying iTunes Gift Cards from Bangladesh

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