PlayStation Store’s Turkey Region Games

Find low cost games for PS4 and PS5 from Turkey’s PlayStation Store. Take advantage of the regional pricing benefit and fill your Turkey Region PSN account with games at a low price.

Our Service

We will access your Turkey region PSN account and purchase your request games.

Payment Methods: bKash / NAGAD / ROCKET  || Delivery Time: 2-12 Hours

This service will be available for a limited time.

Finding the Price

In order to make the order process faster, it would be easier for you to calculate the prices yourself for the games you want. To find the price of the game in BDT, browse for the games in Turkey’s PS Store and simply multiply the TL game price with 8.7.


Example: The TL price for Sifu is 265.30. Multiple 265.30 with 8.7

265.30 TL x 8.7 = 2308.11 (2308 BDT)

Order Requirement

  • Game selected must be above price 75 TL
  • Turkey Region Account
  • 2FA Enabled

How to Order

  • Contact Our Live Support on Facebook Messanger
  • List the Game Titles you are interested to purchase.
  • Make the Payment to confirm order
  • Provide US:
    • Turkey Region PSN Account Credentials (Email + Password)
    • Enable 2FA
    • Provide 2x backup codes (Provided after enabling 2FA)
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