08 Aug

YouTube Premium Bangladesh: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music have officially landed in Bangladesh, offering a seamless streaming experience for all video and music enthusiasts. Subscribers can now revel in ad-free content and a range of premium features, all at an affordable monthly rate of Tk239. Let’s dive into the exciting details of this game-changing launch.

How to Purchase: You can purchase directly from Youtube by going to Profile Menu and select ‘Purchase and Memberships’. You can make the payment using any Bangladeshi debit or credit card provided by major Bangladeshi Banks. (We tested EBL)


YouTube Premium: Unveiling the Ultimate Streaming Experience With YouTube Premium, subscribers gain access to an ad-free video journey, transforming the way you enjoy your favorite content. Say goodbye to interruptions and immerse yourself in an uninterrupted visual feast. But that’s not all – keep videos playing in the background, even when you exit the app, maximizing your multitasking potential.

Seamless Downloads and Offline Playback Stay connected to your favorite videos and playlists, even when you’re offline. YouTube Premium empowers you to download content directly to your devices, allowing for uninterrupted playback without an internet connection. Whether you’re on a plane, train, or simply out and about, your entertainment is never out of reach.

YouTube Music Premium: Elevate Your Audio Experience Experience the world of music like never before with YouTube Music Premium, YouTube’s very own music streaming platform. Subscribers are treated to over 100 million songs, completely free from ads. Whether you’re vibing to the latest chart-toppers or discovering hidden gems, your musical journey is now smoother than ever.

Offline Music Bliss and Background Play Take your tunes wherever you go with offline listening. Download your favorite tracks to your device and savor them anytime, anywhere – even without an internet connection. What’s more, the music doesn’t stop when your screen goes off. Enjoy background play and let the beats accompany you throughout your day.

Customize Your Experience: YouTube Music Premium Alone For those seeking a purely melodic adventure, YouTube Music Premium offers a standalone subscription option at Tk199 per month. Dive into an expansive library of melodies, minus the ads, and craft your personalized soundtracks.

YouTube Kids: A Safe Haven for Young Viewers Families can breathe a sigh of relief with YouTube Premium’s access to ad-free YouTube Kids. Designed to provide a secure and enjoyable viewing environment, this curated platform offers child-friendly content that parents can trust.

How to Get Started: Embark on your ad-free journey with a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium. Afterward, enjoy uninterrupted streaming for just Tk239 per month. Cancel anytime during the trial period and receive a reminder seven days before the trial concludes.

Unlock the full potential of your digital entertainment with YouTube Premium. Elevate your streaming experience, indulge in ad-free bliss, and explore a world of music and videos like never before. Join the movement today and enjoy the ultimate streaming revolution.

Explore the world of YouTube Premium and Experience YouTube Music Premium now.