Xbox Game Deals from Argentina and Turkey Region

Browse the weekly game deals from Xbox Store. Ovrok Gaming Digital can source and provide Argentina, Turkey and USA region game codes to redeem to your Xbox Account. To place an order please inbox us on our Facebook Page with the game titles from the list below. Delivery of the game codes may take up to 24 Hours (Depending of the time of order). To redeem the codes you can use any free or premium VPN with Argentina and Turkey connection.

Recommended Free VPN: UrbanVPN for the Chrome Extension.
Download the extension from your Chrome Browser and connect to the desired region and goto Xbox Code Redeem Page and paste the code and proceed to activate the code. If you receive any region error then VPN is not working properly. 

Game Code Delivery may take up to 24 Hours after Order Confirmation

All orders must be placed 24 Hours before Expire Date (written next to game title)

Price List will now be posted weekly in blog post style. Bookmark the category page

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